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The Classic


Recommended annually, and included every year on any new bike purchased from Vintage Cycle.

This is a complete on-bike adjustments package that includes a real wheel truing!

-Inspect & Adjust Shifters

-Inspect & Adjust Brakes

-Inspect & Adjust Bearings

-Inspect & Lubricate drivetrain

-Inspect & True wheels

-White towel hand clean

The Vintage


Our most popular package. We'll go deeper into your bike and disassemble the drivetrain and bottom bracket, degrease and reassemble. Labor on any installation of new parts are included at no charge. 

-Complete hands-on bike inspection.
-Remove crank arms clean & check bottom bracket, re-grease cups, tighten cones, and re-install.
-Remove cassette & chain, de-grease, inspect, lube and replace.
-Tune and lube drivetrain.
-Clean and true wheels.
-Clean and adjust brake pads and rotors.
-Check and adjust all hubs, cones, and bearings.

-Check and trim cable ends & housing, if needed.
-Hand polish and clean bicycle.

The Timeless


At Vintage Cycle Harry has a phrase that couldn't be more true...

"A Good Bike Never Dies... It get's Rebuilt!"

Our Timeless service is just that, a complete rebuild of your favorite bicycle. All components will be inspected, adjusted, cleaned, and all consumables like cables and wraps will be replaced with fresh ones. (Premium parts Extra)

No part of you bike will be untouched. Every component we can will be removed, checked, cleaned or replaced.

And of course, you still get our 30 day re-adjustment on the house!